Pakistani actress sues magazine for nude photos

By: Persephone McCollough

             FHM of India, a well-known magazine filled with scantily-clad women, could be facing a law suit from a Pakistani actress by the name of Veena Malik. Her agent, Ayaz Bilawala, says that the magazine either photo-shopped or changed a previously dressed magazine cover to a barely dressed version. According to CNN, the agreement that Malik and FHM made was violated. She was allowed to see the photos before they were put on public display.

             Of course there is a pending court case that could possibly leave FHM India short 1.9 billion dollars. As any company in the middle of a lawsuit would, they denied the allegations, but it was clear to Bilawala and Malik that the photos had been doctored. “What I am doing takes a lot of guts, if I had posed nude for the magazine, I would be the first to admit it,” Malik says. According to CNN, this isn’t the first time Malik has hit the spotlight with controversy. A couple of years ago, her boyfriend was in trouble for “spot-fixing international matches,” This most recent controversy has sparked an outrage in her native country, and she is deeply angered and devastated that someone would actually publish something like that and expect to get away with it.

"What I am doing takes a lot of guts, if I had posed nude for the magazine, I would be the first to admit it." Malik says. Photo courtesy of Google images.

             Some may question the fact as to why a company would put its own self into jeopardy. The only logical explanation for something of this nature would be that the client consented to have nude photos made, but didn’t expect them to go out to the public. Anyone could look at the photos and see that whoever did photo-shopping had to be extremely skilled to completely eliminate the clothing on a model.

             As if there was not any more proof to show that the photo was not edited, FHM Editor Kabeer Sharma said that the photos were in fact real and that he even had a video of the shoot to show lawyers in a meeting. Whether or not this really happened is only known to Sharma, his staff and Malik. “It’s a considered decision on our part not to make that video public because of the nature of the video,” Sharma says. Obviously there was some explicit material in the making of the cover of the December issue of FHM India. As a Pakistani voice for women’s rights, Malik is not backing down with her accusation and hopes that her voice will be heard by females all over Pakistan.


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