Birds drop from the sky

By: Courtney Harrington           

On New Year's Eve, a few thousand dead birds fell from the sky in Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Google images

 To many, the New Year brings new beginnings and new memories. Well for Little Rock, Arkansas, this New Year brought over a few thousand dead birds falling out of the sky. The birds mysteriously began dropping from the sky the night of December 31, and continued into the first day of 2011. According to state officials, the majority of the birds that fell from the sky were blackbirds.

            This abnormal event took place in a little town known as Beebe, sitting about 40 miles away from the capital of Arkansas. An estimated 4,500 people live in Beebe. Wildlife state officials spent their Sunday traveling around the town, going door-to-door picking up and disposing of the birds. Birds were found on rooftops, in trees and throughout fields. A select few were sent out for testing in Little Rock and Madison, Wisconsin on Monday.

            As it still remains a mystery, officials attempted to brainstorm theories of why such an occurrence should take place. “It could be weather-related or possibly stress-related. There were some fireworks shot off at midnight, and it is possible that the birds were on their roost and stressed so badly that it could have killed them,” Keith Stephens, spokesman for Arkansas Games and Fish Commissions, stated.

            Another possibility conducted was also weather related. In previous days, the town endured hail and lightning which could have possibly injured the fallen birds. However, no injures have been found on examined birds. Also, the state of Arkansas experienced high winds and tornadoes the same night the birds started falling from the sky.

            Officials continue to do whatever is possible to conclude the reasoning behind the event. The birds seem to have fallen within a one mile radius of one another, creating many possibilities. As the birds are collected and disposed of, the United States Environmental Services said they should be able to find the answers needed to solve this mystery within no time.


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