The twelve days of sportsmas?

By:  Sara Allen

             This year in sports, many things have taken place. The Bleacher Report published the “Twelve days of Sports-Mas,” which is similar to the “Twelve days of Christmas,” only instead of the traditional partridge in a pear tree and five golden rings, the “song” includes things like six Super Bowl victories.

            “On the first day of Sports-Mas:” Alabama had its first Heisman Trophey winner, Mark Ingram. Sidney Crosby, center and captain for the Pittsburgh Penguins, won his first Stanley Cup. Alex Rodriguez, A-rod, won his first World Series. Kobe Bryant, point guard for the Lakers, won his first title without Shaquille O’Neal. Blake Griffin was first pick for the Clippers in the draft, but he also got his first knee injury. “On the second day of Sports-Mas:” There were two NFL teams with a 13-0 record. The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts both had a perfect record. “On the third day of Sports-Mas:” Brett Farve is on his third team in the NFL. In 1991, he played for the Atlanta Falcons. Farve started playing for the Greenbay Packers in 1992. He played for the Packers for 16 seasons until 2007. Starting in 2009, the latest team to take him is the Minnesota Vikings.

            “On the fourth day of Sports-Mas:” Jimmy Johnson won his fourth Sprint Cup. This year, he won by the largest margin he has ever won by before. “On the fifth day of Sports-Mas:” UNC has won five National Championships. This win was the fifth in school history. “On the sixth day of Sports-Mas:” the Pittsburgh Steelers have won the Super Bowl six times. They have also won sixth straight games after losing five in a row this season.

            “On the seventh day of Sports-Mas:” Manny Pacquiao won seven world titles in boxing. He is the first to win these titles in seven different weight classes. “On the eighth day of Sports-Mas:” eight college football teams are in a playoff for the chance at a National title. Five of the eight are undefeated, while the other three have only one loss this season. “On the ninth day of Sports-Mas:” technically this event didn’t happen in 2010, but it was still really important for baseball. On September 9, 2009, Major League Baseball celebrated the number nine. Baseball has nine innings, nine players in the line-up and nine strikes for three outs.

            “On the tenth day of Sports-Mas:” the tenth draft pick in basketball went to the Milwaukee Bucks. Brandon Jennings was picked; he was a risk for the team because he did not play in college and instead opted to play overseas. His court time there was very limited, but the Bucks’ risk paid off, Jennings reminds basketball fans of a young Allen Iverson. “On the eleventh day of Sports-Mas:” John Wall, number 11 for Kentucky, is a freshman point guard that “plays with the poise and confidence of a senior.” Finally, “on the twelfth day of Sports-Mas:” Tiger Woods had 12 mistresses. The story started with a car crash outside his home, but ended up with 12 women reporting they had affairs with Woods. Sports reporters are considering this one of the biggest sports stories of the decade.

            The end of the year not only brings Christmas, but memories for sports fans everywhere. Some people will never forget some of these events, you can bet Woods won’t.


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