Stroke by stroke

By: Haley Bonner

Golf is underway at Fort Mill High School, and the girls are working hard each and everyday. With seven girls on the team, there are only two are seniors. Other than their senior leadership, the team is young this year with two 8th graders as well. So far the girls have been in a tournament where they placed 12th and had a match against Nation Ford and Lancaster. They lost both matches, but plan to come back with a bang when they face them next time. “We have started out slow this year, but we are getting better every week,” Steve Gribble, the head coach, said.

Some of the goals for the Fort Mill Lady Jackets this season are to have a winning record, take the region title for the fourth year in a row and compete in state. Also the girls would like to beat their hometown rivals, Nation Ford. It is believed that South Pointe is their biggest competition in the region, but when they faced them on September 9, Fort Mill was not used to the course and had some short game issues.

“The girls get along great, and we have a lot of fun at practice,” Randi Smith, an 8th grader, said. Most of the girls on the team enjoy being able to go new places, meet new people, and do what they love everyday.

This week they faced Clover on Tuesday, September 14 and came out with a victory. Also they faced Northwestern on Thursday, September 16 where the Lady Jackets and were victorious. The girls are strong at every aspect of their game except for their short game. They work hard each day to get better and make their school proud. “The younger girls have really shown improvement from last season to now, and I am expecting good things out of them,” Gribble said.

            The girls golf team will be up against South Pointe, Tuesday, September 21 at home, and York, Thursday, September 23 at York. Make sure you come and support the girls, and cheer them to victory.

The Fort Mill Girls Golf team may be starting off slow, but they are improving each and every day. Photo courtesy of Sara Allen


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