Preseason opener results in a loss

By Sara Allen

Preseason games for the Carolina Hurricanes started Tuesday, September 21. A game against the Florida Panthers resulted in a tough loss for the Hurricanes. The Panthers scored three goals in 114 seconds. Carolina did not score until the second period. The Panthers were able to put the puck in the net in the third period to end the game, winning 4-1.

The Carolina Hurricanes firt preseason game resulted in a loss. Photo courtesy of Google images

“Team-wide, especially in the first period, we didn’t skate very well. I didn’t expect we would.  If we come out flying here then I haven’t pushed these guys nearly hard enough in the first three days,” Coach Paul Maurice said.

Patrick O’Sullivan was the only player to score for Carolina. It was his first time on the ice as a Hurricane. “Obviously the start cost us the game, but at the same time we dominated that second period and we could have tied the game easily at that point. If you take the first away it’s a decent effort, but obviously there’s a lot of room to improve,” O’Sullivan stated.

Jeff Skinner, a first-round draft pick for the Hurricanes, took the ice in his first game for Carolina as well. Before the game, he signed an entry-level contract. Fans were hoping to see some good playing out of him, but were disappointed when his attempted goals did not find the back of the net. “I thought he was on par with most of the forwards for our team tonight. I thought a little later towards the end he started to do some things around the net, which is really where he’s good.  Our expectation is that he will continue to get better,” Maurice said.

Most people know that during a hockey game, fights aren’t uncommon. This game consisted of no fights, but Hurricanes defenseman Tim Gleason almost started one in the third period after Florida scored their fourth and final goal.

On September 23, the Hurricanes played the Predators. The game was a Carolina victory. The final score was 3-1. In the first period the Predators scored a goal, but the Hurricanes did not. The second period had no goals by Nashville, but two by Carolina. During the third period, Nashville scored no goals and Carolina scored their third goal of the game.

The next game for the Hurricanes is against the Atlanta Thrashers on September 25. The Thrashers are 0-1 in preseason games thus far. The Hurricanes are expecting another win.


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