Pep it up

By: Haley Bonner

The spirit on Fort Mill Cheerleading is the best it has been in years; so come give them support. Photo courtesy of Haley Bonner

The Fort Mill High School’s competition season has begun for the cheerleaders, and the girls are more excited than ever. With a new coach, Ashley Rawls, the girls are ready to make a name for themselves in the cheer world. This is only Rawls second year of coaching, but her experience goes all the way back to elementary school.

There are 28 girls total on varsity, but only 24 can compete. Rawls decided to keep more in case of injuries. Leadership is key in cheerleading, and the captains are seniors Corey Carr, Grea Boyd and Maddie Kellough.

So far the girls have competed in two competitions. One of which, they placed second and other they placed third. In their most recent competition at Northwestern High School, the girls did not perform their best, but are ready to prove to everyone that they can do better. “At the competition at Northwestern, it was like any other sport; we just had an off night,” Rawls said.

Some goals for the girls this year is to win first at a competition, make it to the state competition and place in the top three. Practicing four to five times a week, those goals can definitely be met. “These girls came to the school every day at 5:30 am,” Rawls said. Commitment is something that the cheerleaders at Fort Mill do not lack, and that will help them in the long run. “We have been working hard and are hoping to improve in future competitions,” Alyson Randolph, a senior, said.

Team chemistry is strong this year, but the attitudes on and off the mat are a big strength for Fort Mill. Rawls also said that the stunting and jumps are very strong in their routine. For every team, there is always a weakness and for these girls, it is tumbling.  Also, they are not used to winning and need to get experience in how to perform to win, but this season is different. The girls’ hard work will truly pay off in the long run.

The next competition for the team is Tuesday, October 13 at Clover High School. It will begin at 6 pm, and there will be a total of six teams there. “This is our year,” Rawls said, when the interview was finished. Support is what these girls need to succeed, so come out and show some pep for the Fort Mill Cheerleaders.


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