Football is on a roll

By: Haley Bonner

The Yellow Jackets are fighting hard to make it to playoffs this season. Photo courtesy of Asa Kryst

Although Fort Mill football has struggled on the field the past few years, this year they are starting out strong. With two wins and two loses, they already have a better record than in the past two seasons. “So far, I am pleased with our effort, but we have not yet learned how to win close games,” Edward Suzi, the head coach, said.

Most of the seniors this year have been playing varsity football since they were sophomores and realize what has to be done to be successful in their region. The team chemistry is very effective, helping the team come together. “Our team chemistry is much better than last year. We are like a family, and everyone gets along,” Cameron Kilpatrick, a senior, said.

Also, the experience on the field has grown greatly; most of the guys know what to expect and have played for two or three years. Suzi has been the head coach for four years now at Fort Mill, but has been involved with coaching for 25 years. With about 45 kids on varsity, the team is stronger and faster than last year.

One goal for the team this year is to make the playoffs. In order to do this, they have to place at least fourth in their region out of six teams. With the way Fort Mill football has started this season, this is completely possible. “Our weakness on our team is that we do not have depth,” Suzi added.

Every Friday night is where the team gets to show what it can do. “I love the environment of game days with all of our fans and the good times,” Kilpatrick said. Practicing six days a week shows the commitment that the boys have to better themselves. Fort Mill will be playing Broome at home tonight, September 24 at 7:30 p.m. Be sure to come out and support our football players as they keep trying to improve their record.

  1. This Team is on its way to the Play-offs.

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