Conditioning is underway

By: Haley Bonner

Joining a team is easy at Fort Mill High School. Just go out and condition for the sport you are interested in. Photo courtesy of Haley Bonner

Fort Mill High School’s fall sports are coming to an end. With great seasons all around, fans are anxious to see how the winter sports will do this year. Each and every day, the athletic teams are condition in order to get ready for their upcoming seasons. Boys and girls basketball are both conditioning everyday for at least an hour. Also, wrestling is beginning to get ready.

After school, starting at 3:45 PM, all the winter sport athletes start getting in shape for their season. Girls’ basketball is Monday through Friday for an hour, and also weightlifting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:45 AM. Conditioning will continue until tryouts, which is Monday, November 1, right after school. “Our girls are very committed this year, coming out each day, and I am excited to see how it pays off in our season,” Christine Benyak, the head coach of Girls’ Basketball, said.

Boys’ basketball is also on the same schedule, conditioning after school and getting ready to have an excellent season. The boys work hard to become better and possibly be region champions. “We are expecting more success this year than last year,” Rion Harriot, a senior, said. If there is anyone interested in playing basketball this season, boy or girl, be sure to come out and condition and see Coach Jackson or Coach Benyak.

Wrestling has also started and is beginning to get ready for its upcoming matches which start on Monday, November 1. The team conditions Monday through Thursday right after school. If there is anyone interested in joining the team, be sure to come out and get ready and also see Coach Brock.

Spring sports are off to an early start. Track is getting its teams together, softball and baseball are running each day, soccer is holding meetings to get ready,  and lacrosse is ready for its season.

Sports at Fort Mill High School are very respected. Be sure to come out and join a team and get into great shape. See a coach of the sport your interested in to join. There are openings everywhere and no one gets left out. Sports are a great way to bring students together, make friends, get in shape, and have a competitive edge.

  1. 2011! Va a ser un buen año.

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