Celebration gone wrong

By: Sean Crosby


On Saturday night, the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma state Cowboys went head to head to determine who would be  the 2011 Big 12 champion.  The Sooners came in as the 10th ranked team in college football with a strong (9-3) record while the Cowboys were the 3rdranked team with an even better (11-1) record.  By the end of the game, it was pretty clear who the better team was.  The Cowboys demolished the Sooners 44-10.  What happened after the game couldn’t even be put into words.  With this being the first championship forOklahoma since 1948 and the first time beating their rival,Oklahoma, in nine years, this was definitely a game worth celebrating.  The fans were out of control from jumping and hanging on the goalposts to jumping and running on the field; chaos was just waiting to happen.

Fans celebrating gone wrong. Photo courtesy of Google images


The entire field was suddenly engulfed by the student body, media, coaches and players.  On top of all the commotion going on, fans were also getting injured.  Nine ambulances were needed to treat the injured fans.  At least 13 fans were injured during the celebration and two of those 13 were critically injured and needed to be transported by a helicopter.  Michael Authement, who

heads the emergency command post for Lifenet EMS, commented on what he

saw happen, “They won the game and stormed the field and ripped down the

goalposts, and some were jumping off the stands and hit the field and others got

trampled.  It was a nasty deal.”  Authement also said, “There were thousands of people stormed the field. You could not move, there were so many people.”  Some of the fans did not want to end up on the field, they just got pushed and shoved and trampled onto the field.  “A girl pushed me over a wall.  Luckily, I didn’t get injured but, I didn’t have control when I jumped off the wall, you just moved with the crowd,” Jennifer Payne, a 21 year old junior, said. Security says it took about 45 minutes to clear the fans from the field. 

            Head coach Mike Gundy said, “When they started piling over, I got out of there as fast as I could…it was scary.” The game in Oklahoma will be an unforgettable one with a crazy end result.  Celebrating after winning happens all the time, but, not too many games end with fans in the hospital.





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