We Can! Program

By: Lauren Harper

The We Can! program aims to eliminate childhood obesity in the Fort Mill area. Photo courtesy of Google images

Beginning in February 2011, the We Can! Program will launch its mission of bettering the health and well-being of children in the Fort Mill area. Conducted by Complete Wellness Chiropractic of Fort Mill, We Can!, which stands for Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition, aims to educate parents and children in the area about healthy lifestyles and to ultimately create a healthier generation of kids to come.

            Led by Dr. Robert Cynowa Jr., one of three Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioners in the Charlotte area and avid believer in the importance of healthy families, the program is a simple, yet efficient series of sessions. These sessions work to educate children and parents on healthy eating habits, healthy movement for children, and good parenting strategies in nutrition and lifestyle. According to Dr. Cynowa, childhood obesity is a huge issue not only in South Carolina, but in the nation, and can cause serious health issues for that child later on in life. With proper education on healthy lifestyles now, many of the chronic diseases associated with obesity can be prevented.

            The We Can! Program lasts for four weeks and consists of four sessions that aid children and parents in being educated on how to live healthy lives. With the sessions comes a workbook that has multiple healthful guidelines on both diet and exercise. Another bonus to this program is the fact that it is virtually free aside from the workbook from which they teach.

            With all of the positive traits that the program has, Dr. Cynowa is hoping that it will appeal to not only families in the Fort Mill area, but also churches and businesses to support it. Complete Wellness Chiropractic is currently searching for four churches in the area that are interested in hosting the We Can! sessions, and Dr. Cynowa stated that he would “love to get other organizations and groups involved to educate the community.”

            The main goal of the We Can! Program is to improve the lifestyles of children in the area, but Dr. Cynowa hopes that this in itself will result in the creation of healthier, more productive families that will be inspired to give back to the community in other ways. “This really is a fantastic program for parents that want to make health improvements for the entire family.”


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