The Liewald’s death

By: Courtney Harrington

           On September 26, Christian and Cassie Liewald, a Fort Mill native, were ambushed by their 15-year-old son. At the time of the shooting, Cassie had moved out due to marital issues and was living with a co-worker temporarily. However, it just so happened that she decided to stay the night with Christian the evening things turned ugly. He took her to get a change of clothes late that Sunday night and returned to their home onBuxton Streetnear Ballantyne around midnight. As the couple entered the home, they were greeted with multiple gun shots. The young boy proceeded to contact the police at two that morning to inform them that he had just shot and killed his father and step-mother. He then waited on the street corner for the police to come and pick him up.

            It has now been three weeks since the minor, whose name will not be released due to his age, has been charged with the deaths of his father and step-mother. The young boy was also charged with armed robbery and attempted auto theft. At this time, he is being held in a juvenile detention facility. According to a prosecutor, the boy was grounded at the time of the shooting and wanted to run away toMexicofor various reasons. However, he believed his only way to follow through with such a plan was to kill his father.

         Surprisingly, friends of Cassie now believe that the 15-year-old did not intend to kill her. They strongly believe that the young boy thought his father was the only one that was going to walk through the door that night. According to the Liewald’s neighbors, they could hear the screams of the couple in the early hours of the morning. “I think we may have heard that poor lady’s last words: “Oh, please don’t do this,” they stated.

            Friends and neighbors of the Liewald family strongly stated that the young boy was very protective of Cassie and vice-versa. When the couple separated over the summer, the break came hard to the vulnerable teen.  However, Cassie could not stay away. “She wanted to get away from him, but at the same time there was this pull. She couldn’t walk away from him,” friend Sue Ratcliff explained. According to Christian’s three ex-wives, he was a physically abusive guy. It has been said that the young boy, along with Cassie, were severely abused by Christian. He dangled handcuffs on his rearview mirror in his minivan and often walked around the neighborhood with a gun in his hand. It was even reported that he shot a man while roaming the street. Greg Hicks, the victim of the street shooting, told reporters that he was wounded years ago by Christian.


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