Tega Cay hostage

By: Lauren Harper

The hostage situation that took place in Tega Cay last week required Tega Cay and Rock Hill police, a hostage negotiator, and a SWAT team. Photo courtesy of Google images

This past Saturday on November 13, many Tega Cay residents in the Lakeshore neighborhood were surprised to learn of a hostage situation taking place in the Silver Gull portion of the development. Steven Todd Campbell, age 41, faces charges of attempted murder, three counts of unlawful conduct toward a child, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. Not only did Tega Cay police respond to the disturbance call, but because of the hostage, a York county SWAT team, hostage negotiator, and Rock Hill Police Department officers were called in.

            The incident took place at 336 Golfview Crest. According to reports, Campbell’s wife called police around 4:45 and told them that her husband had a gun and was holding their three children hostage in a room after the couple had an argument. Police approached the door to the room and told the man to unarm himself. Campbell responded with “Get the hell out. Leave or I will kill you and everyone in here.” Officer Andre Breeland and Sgt. Larry Neely then attempted to calm the man, but he proceeded to threaten to shoot them with the .45 caliber handgun he had.

Two of the children had gotten out of the room by this time, leaving one with the father. Campbell then went on to take two shots at the police officers, which did not hit any of the men. According to Breeland’s police report, Campbell jumped “from behind the bathroom wall and fired three shots directly at me.” Breeland was not hit, and continued to try to get the child from Campbell, who was at this point being held under the man’s left arm.

Finally, after a more than six-hour standoff, Campbell released the last child and officers and SWAT members were able to take custody of the man, who was then taken to the York County Detention Center in York. If he is convicted of all charges against him, Campbell could face up to 60 years in prison for his stunt that day. Because he was shot at multiple times, Officer Breeland is very glad that he was kept safe and stated “It was the grace of God” that spared his life. Not only was Breeland spared, but no one else at the house, including the suspect, was injured in the standoff. Tega Cay may be considered one of the nicest and safest areas, but as said by Tega Cay Chief Rick Evelsizer, “You never know what could happen.”


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