Mellow Mushroom

By: Lauren Kirby

The restaurant will be located in Myers Park. Photo courtesy of Google Images

If you’re someone who’s always looking for a fun and new hot spot, then lucky for you, there is a new restaurant opening in Charlotte next week. The Mellow Mushroom is a chain restaurant that is located in many places around the country and is known for their great pizza but also serves a variety of other dishes. The restaurant is also friendly to all age groups. Along with the average priced food comes the urban music to keep the atmosphere very mellow.

            The Mellow Mushroom started off as a hole in the wall near Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurant was started by three young men, who had the idea of bringing in local college students by only serving pizza and beer. The restaurant has grown into a large chain of 100 locally owned restaurants spread throughout fifteen different states. Each of the restaurants shares similarities with the original place, but they all have their own unique twists.

            The Mellow Mushroom is coming to Charlotte, and it will be located in Myers Park. The trendy restaurant will be located on Selwyn Avenue and opens this coming Monday, October 11. This specific restaurant and bar has its own cool attractions. Inside of the dining room there is an old school bus that’s been gutted and filled with booths in which customers can eat.

Their menu is extremely lengthy, along with their list of beverages. One of the specialties of the restaurant is their 36 specialty beers that they serve on tap. The only down-fall to the restaurant is that they don’t do catering, so you’ll just have to go in and check out the food on your own.

This restaurant is not like any other place in town. It’s definitely something you will want to check out. To get more information, check out their website or just find them on Facebook. “We are more then just pizza and beer. We want to provide you with an experience filled with colorful art, eclectic music and food that comforts your soul.”

  1. English to Spanish translation
    Mellow Mushroom es mi restaurante favorito! Buen trabajo Lauren, tema impresionante!

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