Working hard or hardly working?

By: Courtney Harrington

Exercising is important and very beneficial for one's body. Getting a well-rounded workout can help prevent diseases. Photo courtesy of Google images

           As young adults, it’s important to maintain one’s health, and a great way of doing so is through exercise. Many people would turn his or her noses up at the idea of working out and would say that it is not necessary. Others would state that they hate to sweat and get sticky from a workout. However, there are many beneficial factors to exercising, such as lowering one’s weight, enhancing one’s flexibility and helping prevent diseases.

            A huge question that many people have about working out is: is sweating beneficial to a successful workout? Most everybody knows that sweat is a way the body cools itself down during exertion. Sweating can be brought on through a high temperature, active muscles and over stimulated nerves. People sweat while exercising due to the heat produced by one’s muscles that exceeds the heat being released by the body. Therefore, when sweat begins to evaporate from a person’s skin, his/her body temperature will begin to drop back to normal. It is very typical for people to associate sweat with body odor. However, the sweat itself has no smell. What causes body odor is when bacteria on the skin metabolizes the proteins and acids in the skin.

            When a person exercises, he/she loses an average of one to two and a half liters of sweat, making it extremely important for a person to stay hydrated while taking part in intense exercise. A study by the International Journal of Sports Nutrition showed that one’s fluid intake after exercising should be anywhere from 150-200 percent more than the amount of sweat a person creates.

            Most people are aware that bodily sweat contains salt. When one sweats a lot, he/she is putting the body at risk of upsetting the balance of salt in the body. Having a decrease of sodium in the body can lead to muscle cramps. Unfortunately, water does not replenish the body of the lost sodium. Fluids such as Gatorade and tomato juice are full of sodium and would be a great drink to intake after working out. For those who don’t like tomato juice, a person can snack on high-salt foods like pretzels or whole-wheat bread.

            What does one do when stress triggers perspiration? Factors known to reduce sweat due to emotional pressure include cutting back on how much caffeine a person ingests or by cutting spicy foods out of one’s diet. Another way to reduce stress sweat is by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep-breathing and meditation.

            While working out can be tedious and difficult at times, it’s extremely beneficial. Exercise is proven to help a person sleep better at night as well as helping fight off diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Exercise also enhances the flexibility of a person’s body and strengthens the body muscles.

            Even though exercising takes concentration and motivation, it reduces stress and improves one’s mood. However, a person should not over do it. One should not lift weights more than three days a week. By taking part in exercising, one’s body will forever be thankful.


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