People who can not let go

By: Bailey Sowka

An example of what a hoarder's house would might look like Photo courtsey of Google Images

You are cleaning out your closet when you come across a pair of jeans that you know you have outgrown, but something is pulling you back from throwing them out. If you are known to feel attachment towards inanimate objects, which causes you to not be able to let go, then you would be considered a “pack rat.” However, if you look around your room, and it is an endless pit of junk, then your actions would be classified as hoarding.

Hoarding is the topic of many realty T.V. shows. Many tune into hit shows like Clean House or Hoarders to watch people fight and struggle with this modern disorder. This disorder can lead to a life of clutter and disorganization, which leads to divorce for many married people and an unwillingness to live a healthy life. While some people find this funny and intriguing when watching these people on T.V., many people fail to realize the reality of this disorder.

Compulsive hoarding, or disposophobia, is the excessive acquisition of items, whether they are shoes or pizza boxes. There are five levels of hoarding. Level one hoarding would be simple, like someone having a stack of magazines piled in a corner. Level five, on the other hand, is more serve. Level five is usually shown on T.V. shows. This type of hoarding needs the help of a professional organizer.  Ever heard of the term “Cat Lady”? Well this is a type of hoarding. This type of hoarding is called Animal Hoarding, which has to do with having an excessive amount of animals.

While this disorder seems untreatable and impossible to suppress, it is rather preventable and curable. Hoarding is a disorder that grows over time. If you find yourself with a large amount of unneeded miscellaneous items lying around then you should probably get rid of some of it. If the hoarding is already present and serious then simply throwing away your junk will not stop this disease for good. These cases should seek a medical specialist.

 In any case, whether you are a hoarder or collector, we as people need to remember that inanimate objects cannot love you or even like you like another human being can.


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