Got milk?

By: Courtney Harrington

            From chocolate to low fat, milk is processed in many different ways. Most people know that milk is good for the human body and is essential for healthy bone growth.  Milk can be found just about anywhere, from a school cafeteria to even McDonalds. Now, studies are beginning to show that milk is especially good for athletes.

            A majority of athletes resort to sports drinks, like Gatorade, rather than milk. Matt Whitmore, a 25 year old gym trainer in London, drinks about a pint of milk after almost every training session. “I do it pretty religiously. Milk helps me recover faster and I feel great afterwards,” Whitmore said. He began drinking milk after sessions about ten years ago when he could not afford to buy expensive supplements and protein shakes.

Drinking milk after intense exercise session is said to be a better solution than drinking water or sports drinks. Photo courtesy of Google images

  After intense aerobic workouts, such as running and cycling, body muscle can potentially be damaged. To regenerate the muscle lost, the casein and whey proteins in milk can speed up the process. Nutritionist Glenys Jones said that the high protein content in milk is what makes it such a recommended post-exercise drink. Jones said that sport drinks do not contain the necessary nutrients for muscles to regenerate themselves. Sports drinks replace carbohydrates and electrolytes that were lost while exercising.

            A study was conducted, which showed that people who drank milk after exercising tended to be able to exercise longer during their next season rather than those who chose to drink water and sports drinks. “The damage caused by exercise leads to a breakdown of the protein structures in your muscles, but that doesn’t happen until 24 to 48 hours later,” Emma Cockburn, a college lecturer, said. By drinking milk right after a workout, it has time to digest and absorb into the hurt muscle. Michael Phelps drank milk between every race while at the Olympics in Beijing.

            Some people may dislike the taste of regular white milk. A solution to that would be to add chocolate or artificial flavoring to mask the taste of white milk by itself. Milk should be present in people’s lives to help aid better bone growth. Researchers are still torn over whether or not milk is better after excessive exercise rather than sports drinks or water. Based on the facts, what should the people do?

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