Health & Lifestyles

Stimulating your brain with gum

Child abuse leads to brain damage

Staying on top of fitness resolutions

Fighting fatigue

Cartoon Ads

Teen dating abuse

Stem cells, fixing broken hearts

The cookie dough monster

Breakfast cereals pack in the sugar

Health officials say ‘no’ to the morning after pill for teens under 17

The dark side isn’t  so dark after all

Teen pregnancy rates drop

Shape ups or mess ups?

Heading soccer balls may cause brain damage

Teen heart risks

Self harm amongst teens

What is your diet doing for your skin?

Sick secrets

Is the “freshman 15” just a myth?

Healthy Halloween candies

New guidelines for school lunches

Chiropractic work

Early to bed, early to rise

Vitamin B12 helps prevent memory loss

Working hard or hardly working?

Study reveals over half the nation drinks sugary drinks daily

Chemical hair straightener found to be toxic by FDA

Percentage rise of ADHD in American children

Sleep can’t wait

Skin disease

Beware of the brands

Surgery that changed a life

A rare diagnosis: hair brushing syndrome

Video Game Addiction

New year new you

Many fears

New Year’s resolutions tips

Imagine more, eat less


Funky food

Adult picky eaters

Got milk?

Healthy fast food

Obesity in America

Myths our parents have told us since we were little

People who can not let go

K2 drug

Energy drinks could lead to alcohol abuse

Not-so-healthy foods

Thanksgiving the healthy way

Could texting be the cause of bad behavior?

A good nights rest

Young Broadway star dies of cancer

Why some people like the fright

Can’t stop growing

Toasted Skin Syndrome

Don’t eat that!

All about acne

Working up a sweat

Mother’s weight could determine child’s

Get aware

Drink up

Woman ‘cut in half’

Whooping cough is making a come back

Kids: not as hardheaded as we thought

New self-injury trend in teens

The power of foods

Got milk?

It’s that time of year again

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

A serious case of forgetfulness

Caffeine is a drug?

Teenage hearing loss


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