Upcoming 2012 Oscar Contenders

By: Drew Marshall

With tons of contenders, the upcoming Oscar season is sure to be filled with excitement and drama. Photo courtesy of Google Images.

            The 2010 Oscars were held in February, and summer blockbusters already have come and gone. Now that September is on its way, it is time to consider what movies may be in contention for an Oscar in this coming February’s awards. In the past, the late summer and early fall have been prime spots for Oscar contenders, and this year will be no different with a slew of enticing movies on the way.

            The movie critics are most excited about the new David Cronenberg picture A Dangerous Method. The only problem is that the film is only set to premiere this December inVenice, so the American public may be blind to it’s potential success. The movie stars are Michael Fassbender as Sigmund Freud, a psychologist who studies the idea of psychoanalysis along side his partner Carl Jung (Viggo Mortenson). Together, the pair performs character studies and comes across one patient that divides them, portrayed by Oscar favorite Keira Knightly. The movie will obviously have the plot and basis for a great film, but the question remains: Will enough people see it for it to earn an Oscar nod?

            A possibly forgotten film is The Tree of Life, which was released in May. Though it received a lot of critical success, it’s early release date may plague it in the long run. Even the attraction of the cast (starring Brad Pitt) may not be able to withstand the challenging test of time. It would take a lot for this movie to make it to the stage in February, but the critical success may carry it there.

            Based on the very popular book series, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo premieres on December 21. With the popularity of the book series, it is expected to make a large amount of revenue, and it is also primed to receive a lot of critical success. The cast includes Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara who both hope to bring the book justice. With successful director David Fincher (The Social Network), the film should bring about a lot of success from the box office and the award stands.

             Another Oscar contender coming soon is The Ides of March, directed by and starring George Clooney. This political drama will stir the Oscar pot a little bit, but it is mostly the exact same as every movie that is picked for Best Picture, minus the British accents. The movie seems to be a modern interpretation of Julius Caesar, with Clooney’s character being a famous politician and Ryan Gosling playing his trusted sidekick. The Ides of March may not appeal to everyone, but it should do well in the box office with appealing characters like Gosling and Clooney. The movie also seems like just the type of thing the Oscar committee loves to watch and most would not be surprised if Clooney takes home a few Oscars when February comes around.

            With all the contenders, there are sure to be a few dark horses. The upcoming thriller Contagion sports a strong cast starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Marion Cotilliard. The action based movie looks like an entertaining film and, with good writing, it could make some noise at the Oscars. Ryan Gosling stars in the new movie Drive, which is sure to turn some heads since he was snubbed last year for his performance in Blue Valentine. The movie may not pan out too well, but most critics wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Gosling a nod for Best Actor. The last movie that could make a splash is J.J Abrams latest film Super 8. The movie does not have many great acting performances, so most do not expect it to make it too far in the running, but it could earn some awards for it’s technical prowess and possibly steal a Best Picture nomination.

            The upcoming Oscar season is underway and there are some great movies to come. Some movies look like they are going to be big in the box office and others may not even come to America, but it’s definitely going to be a big year. There are favorites, just like last years; The King’s Speech, and there are underdogs, like The Social Network. With all these new movies being released soon, the Oscar committee will have their hands full this winter.


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