Time to fly the coop

Prince and Paris Michael Jacksons kids recieving an award at the Emmy's. Photo courtesy of Google images

By:Austin Hazen

               For almost everybody in the world, Michael Jackson’s death was a tragedy, and for his kids, it was even harder. For his children, just waking up every morning is a challenge, so having to move on with their lives has been and will continue to be very difficult. Jackson’s children, Prince (13), his daughter Paris (12), and Blanket (8) have been home schooled in the past up until now.

                 This will be the first time Prince will be attending a private school and is looking forward to it. Paris on the other hand, was reluctant about going to a private school. However after a lot of thought, she changed her mind. The school they will be attending is the Buckley School, where other celebrities have graduated from, including Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

              Their other sibling, Blanket is going to continue home schooling do to the fact that their paternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson, has come to that decided this to be the best course faction.

               Let’s go back in time to where this all started. In 1996, Michael Jackson married Debbie Rowe. Not to long after the marriage, Rowe got pregnant with Prince and later with their daughter Paris. Jackson wanted to keep his children out of the public’s eye; instead he had them homeschooled by their grandmother, Katherine Jackson. Jackson did not want his kids to be seen so badly that when he was alive he had his children cover there faces with masks.  Before his marriage with Debbie Rowe, he was married to Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

So is this a good decision to finally let the kids into the world in which we live? After Jackson held Blanket, his youngest son, over a balcony, it is debatable that when he was alive some of his decisions were not the best.


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