Taylor Swift sued

By:Logan O’Boyle

In 2006 Taylor Swift broke into the music world with her first hit single. Now her past manager claims she owes him millions of dollars. Photo courtesy of Google images

Taylor Swift broke into the music world in 2006 with her first hit single, Tim McGraw. Since then, Swift has had numerous other hit songs and won countless awards for her work, including Album of the Year, Best Country Album, Best Country Song, Artist of the Year and many more. Over just the course of a few years, Swift went from only singing at local events to becoming one of the biggest stars in country music.

Since Swift has been on the charts, fans haven’t heard any controversy concerning her, other than Kayne West’s interruption during her speech at the VMAs in 2009.  However, her former manager, Dan Dymtrow, is now filing a law suit against Swift, claiming that her family owes him a large amount of money.

Dymtrow signed Swift when she was 14-years-old and is now reporting that he deserves at least five to ten percent of Swift’s total commissions. He also claims that he helped get Swift’s career on its way, so in return he deserves millions from the Swift family. According to Dymtrow’s legal papers, the family fired him before he could collect his rightful amount of money.

“They delayed and delayed the deal and got rid of my client and subsequently signed another deal and kept his commissions for themselves,” Dymtrow,s attorney, Fernando Pinguelo, stated in a report. This, however, is not the first time Dymtrow has tried to sue the Swift family for money. In 2007 he also filed a lawsuit against the Swift family, claiming that they breached a management contract by only paying him $10,000 for starting Swift’s career. The case was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan.

In response to this, the Swifts claim that Dymtrow never obtained the required approval of the court concerning his management contract with Swift. In 2005, Swift called off the deal with Dymtrow. This was months before signing a different contract and a full year before releasing her first hit single. The court date for the case is still unofficial. However, nothing is stopping Swift from topping the charts. Her newest album, Speak, is set to release to the public on October 25, 2010.


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