Swift over Lohan?

By:Logan O’Boyle

Due to her drug addiction, Lindsay Lohan's acting career is at steak. Photo courtesy of Google images

Lindsay Lohan has had a drastic change in her way of life since her first big movie role on The Parent Trap. For the past couple of years, Lohan has been in and out of rehab and is currently fighting a drug addiction. However, before drugs became a way of life for her, Lohan starred in many hit movies such as Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and I Know Who Killed Me. Lohan has been a well-known face in the movie world for many years, and producers were not willing to give up on her. However, this time Lohan may have lost her chance.

Writer and producer Richard O’Sullivan recently wrote the movie One Night With You. The movie is a romantic comedy about a starlet who joins a reality dating show in hopes of saving her career. O’Sullivan offered the lead female role to Lohan, and claims he wrote the story line with her in mind. However, after all the drama with Lohan, he may have changed his mind.  “It is ready-made for Lindsay … but we’re proceeding with extreme caution while the Lohan family sorts through their issues during a very trying time,” O’Sullivan stated.

Producers have decided to offer the main role in the new movie to singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. Swift first heard word of possibly replacing Lohan in the film a few months back while she was on tour. Now that Lohan cannot seem to get things together, producers have decided to offer the part back to Swift. This won’t be the first time Swift has appeared on the big screen. She was also in Valentines Day and made a guest appearance on CSI.

However, Swift is still unsure as to whether or not she should accept the position.Seeing as how her newest album, Speak, hits the shelves in October, music is her main priority. If Swift does accept the role in this new film, this will be the second role that Lohan has lost this year.


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