Raising Sextuplets dad arrested

Father of six arrested for misdemeanor counts. Photo courtesy of Google images

By: Logan O’ Boyle

Bryan Masche is best known for starring on the reality T.V. show Raising Sextuplets on WE TV. This reality T.V. show is based on the everyday lives of the Masche couple as they raise their six kids. However, this reality T.V. star could be facing a new reality pretty soon.

            On September 11, 2010, Masche was visiting his family in Arizona when he became rowdy and got into an argument with his wife, Jenny. The altercation became so brutal that a relative contacted the police. When authorities arrived, Masche was so enraged that they had to threaten to taze him in order to calm him down. That same day he was arrested and posted a $3,500 bail on the following day.

            Last Thursday, Masche pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of threatening and intimidating, along with disorderly conduct. He claims he just lost his temper, which caused him to yell at his wife and another family member. His guilty plea saved Masche from a one-year jail sentence. However, during the next 12 months, Masche must complete a 10-hour parenting class as well as domestic violence classes. Court officials say that if Masche does not complete all the requirements, he will be sent to jail.

            Even though his wife, Jenny, was not reportedly in the house at the time of Masche’s fit, he was still charged with domestic violence because the threats were directed towards her. She told authorities that their argument started from marital issues and the concern of who with the children were to live.  The couple filed for a separation on September 18. As long as Masche keeps his slate clean and attends all the required meetings he will be safe from his sentence to jail.


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