Lohan out of rehab again

By: Haley Bonner

As pop teen sensation, Lindsay Lohan, left rehab, everyone is on their toes to see where her career will end up. Photo courtesy of Google images

The fans of Lindsay Lohan have noticed a downward spiral from one of their favorite actresses and celebrities. She had been placed in the Betty Ford Center for rehabilitation and spent 90 unwilling days there. She quietly left the center denying all plans to stay until the end of the week.

Leaving on Monday, November 3, which was the first day she was eligible to leave, Lohan was already faced with a crushed career and legal issues from the past years. She has been fighting the same DUI case for three and a half years and she can not seem to win. This one case has resulted in two trips to the rehab center and two trips to jail in 2010 alone.

Although, some fans have high hopes for this young celebrity, she is already under investigation for an alleged misdemeanor battery against a Betty Ford worker. In order to get out of this charge, she has to satisfy a criminal judge that she was involved with for her three month stint at the rehab center.

She plans to visit with her mother and obtain a sober coach before she will settle down in New York or Los Angeles. Although she made it through the 90 days, she will still be due back to court for the DUI charge. Until then, Lohan is hoping to stay out of trouble and keep her head on straight.

The experts on the subject believe that Lohan has a good shot at recovery this time. She has to show that she wants it and quit her party lifestyle. Father Michael Lohan has full confidence in his daughter and believes she can move on to her next chapter. “She has taken the right steps and put the right people back in her life that she had at the best part of her life, to really use it as a springboard,” Lohan said. However, he is still worried that the never-ending fight between him and his ex-wife will always be a struggle for his daughter.

Keep your eye on this young diva. Will she prove everyone wrong and recover, or is a trip back to the Betty Ford Center in her future?


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