Lohan Lowdown

By: Logan O’Boyle

Lohan Lowdown

In 1998, Lindsay Lohan introduced herself to the world with her first big screen break out, The Parent Trap. Only 9 years after playing the role of the two freckled twins, Lohan was sent to rehab for the first time. She was arrested for DUI, and also for having cocaine in her possession. This was not a one time deal for actress Lindsay Lohan; within just three years, she was sent to rehab a total of three times. Lohan was recently sent to UCLA Medical Center for 90 days for treatment due to drug use. However, doctors at the medical center say the reason for her drug problems could be because she was misdiagnosed.

The drug problems of Lindsay Lohan could be to being misdiagnosed with ADHD. Photo courtesy of Google images

Doctors at the medical center believe that Lohan was diagnosed with ADHD. Therefore she was prescribed Adderall, a drug that is commonly given to victims of the disorder.  Lohan did not show any symptoms of ADHD, so doctors were led to believe that this drug was the cause of her irrational symptoms, similar to the symptoms of someone abusing meth or cocaine.

On the other hand, psychiatrist and leading expert on the over-prescribing of drugs, Dr. Peter Breggin, says whether Lohan has ADHD or not the effects of Adderall are the same. “If she was given Adderall it’s entirely possible she would have a reaction that was indistinguishable from cocaine,” Breggin stated. However, Breggin says the drug is known to cause outrageous episodes if taken in high dosages. He also stated that people who have a history with cocaine have a higher chance of becoming addicted to the ADHD drug.

While Lohan is stationed at the UCLA Medical Center, she has been taken off all forms of her daily medications. Those include the powerful painkiller Dilaudid, the sleep aid Ambien, Zoloft, Trazodone and Adderall. Sources say she is not showing any side effects from stopping with the medicine. It is for this reason that doctors believe she does not have ADHD and should not be considered an addict.

The staff at UCLA Medical Center also believe that Lohan’s previous judge “overreacted” when she sentenced her to 90 days in the rehabilitation center. Lohan now has a new judge handling her case who will meet the lawyers sometime this week to discuss having her release date moved up and changed to outpatient care. With the way things are looking, she could be released from rehab as early as next week.

Once Lohan is released from rehab, she will already be expecting a big check from OK! Magazine. They have already offered her $1 million dollars to have her first post-rehab interview with them. Inside sources say she has worked with the magazine before, and wishes to continue working with them in the future.  Therefore, if the judge approves, Lohan will be sent home from rehab and have $1 million in her pocket, all within just one week.


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