Lil Wayne is back again

By: Austin Hazen

This is Lil Wayne's new album . Photo courtesy of Google images

Dwayne Carter (27), know him as Lil Wayne, is out of jail and back in the real world. For those who do not know, he was in jail for a possession of a gun. Lil Wayne is a Grammy winning and multi-platinum record selling rapper. He was in Manhattan, New York when he was sentenced to jail time. He was was caught with having a .40 caliber pistol on his tour bus. He did not let a few bars get in his way of his music, as he continued his music by releasing his digital version of his album I Am Not A Human Being. While in jail his lawyer, Stacey Richman, stated, “He’s an unstoppable musician and creator.”

Lil Wayne was sentenced to a year long jail sentence on March 9, 2010, but seems to be out sooner than expected. He was let out of jail with a $30,000 bail. On December 15, he is scheduled to meet at the State Supreme court in New York City. Lil Wayne took no response when asked to speak before court by the judge.

   A fan shouted as Lil Wayne was getting handcuffed “keep your head up, Weezy!” This goes to show that Lil Wayne does have quite a few fans out there, but they are not interested to see him behind bars any longer. Bill Clinton was asked about Lil Wayne, and he said, “This guy’s smart and he’s got ability and he’s got a new chance now.” Maybe with that being said Lil Wayne will be careful about what in is his possession and will not end up in jail anymore.

Most people learn from their mistakes, so let’s hope this is Lil Wayne’s last time being behind bars. This should be a good example to all people, and especially for those who look up to him.

  1. Bienvenido de nuevo Lil Wayne.

  2. Lil Wayne es muy favorita rapper. El es muy bien!

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