Hollywood couple divorce after 14 months of marriage

The Adventures Of Tintin [SPOILER ALERT]

Spiderman shows what he is made of

Entertainer of the Year goes to…

Angelina Jolie accused of plagiarism

The battle of Da Vinci

The Sitter

Welcome to the Hall of Fame

2011 Grammy Nominations

Madonna to perform at Super Bowl

Biggest Loser’s Sam Poueu undergoes freak accident

The Black Keys unlock a whole new world of music

Rumors on Kate Middleton pregnancy diminished

Breaking Dawn

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Party

Justin Timberlake’s humble night with the Marine Corps

2011 CMA Award winners

Miranda Lambert’s revolution

Living off of dance

Harry Potter movies to go off the shelf?

Will the children of narcissistic parents survive?

The Avett Brothers

Hawaii Five-0

Remakes on the scene if you know what I mean

Travis Wall choreographs for Step Up 4

Fall TV shows

2011 CMA Awards

Ashton Kutcher’s new role

Upcoming 2012 Oscar Contenders

Lohan out of rehab again

Kellie Pickler

The final interview of John Lennon

Oprah’s OWN network

Skating with the stars

Smell’s like a Grammy

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part I Review

Dancing with the Stars season finale

Leonardo DiCaprio and the WWF

A Night of Awards

Royal Engagement

Raising Sextuplets dad arrested

Lil Wayne is back again

Audrina Patridge’s new show

Charlie Sheen goes wild

Celebrity wedding

No longer a happy day

John Stamos

The Social Network

Taylor Swift sued

Lil Wayne

What is Glee?

Heidi Klum hangs up her wings

Easy A

Swift over Lohan?

Tori Spelling continues to shine

Paris Hilton does it again

Lauren Conrad back to T.V?

The Social Network preview

MTV Video Music Awards

What’s new, Apple?

MTV show turned lawsuit

Time to fly the coop

Lohan Lowdown



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