We run this house

By: Lauren Kirby

"Even though it's our last year, lets make sure and stay focused." Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

For our entire high school career, we have all looked forward to one thing: our senior year. After junior year was over and all the hard work was done, the only thing we were concerned with was running the school. Everyone always talked about how care-free we would be and how it is the best year of our lives, but so far it has seemed like the complete opposite. I always pictured myself being pretty laid back my senior year and not having to worry about anything except making that B average and exempting my exams. However I was wrong.

            The school year is just 3 weeks in, and I’m already stressed about keeping up with all of my work. Aside from just my homework, I’m having to register for the SAT’s again and fill out applications for college. I never imagined that I would have this much going on this early in the year with no time to breathe. I’m sure we are all in the same boat and wondering where we can find that fairy tale of a school year.

            At this point in the year, we shouldn’t be cramming in papers at the last minute or first-glancing at our vocabulary in the hall going to class. We should be taking the time to get our work done so that we get a few extra minutes each day to take in all the excitement of being a senior. If we stay on track now, then later on in the year or in the semester even, we will get to take advantage of the extra senior privileges that we have earned. I know that going into class early for help or using your free period as a study hall doesn’t exactly fit the description of what we thought our senior year would be like, but if that’s what it takes to be able to have fun towards the end, then it’s worth it.

            So maybe for some of you this year has kicked off to a start that you weren’t expecting or for which you weren’t prepared; because I know I sure wasn’t. But this is another chance for all of us to shine and prove ourselves. I know it will be tough pushing through just one last year, but in the end the cap and gown will be worth your wait. If we made it through our junior year with classes like Chemistry and Algebra 2, then I’m certain we can do this. So for all the seniors who are feeling the same way that I am right now, my advice would be to try your hardest now and take on next semester already ahead of the game.


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