That special someone

By:Austin Hazen

Austin Hazen shares great places to take that special someone. Photo courtesy of AJ Williford

Ever needed a good place to take that special someone? There are many neat places to go on a date depending on where you live. I live in Fort Mill, and there is really not a whole lot to do here. Some of the most popular things to do here in Fort Mill include getting ice cream, going to the park or Greenway, and sitting at Windjammer Park watching the sunset.

            Many times boys and girls think that they have to impress the people they’re dating by taking them to a romantic place. That’s not at all necessary. The sweetest thing you can do is plan things to do around what your boyfriend/girlfriend likes. Whether it’s playing tennis or watching the stars, I guarantee that they will love it if you pick something they really enjoy.

            Charlotte is the next hottest place for dates when you’re a resident of Fort Mill. My favorite thing to do when I’m in Charlotte is eating some of it’s amazing food, usually for dinner. They have lots of choices with a great variety. I’ll even let you in on a secret. After you have finished eating, head up to the top of a parking garage and sit and look at all the traffic and the buildings that are all lit up. It is a great way to end the night, and it gives you time to talk and get out what’s been on your mind lately or just sit together.

            Dates do not have to be very complicated. Also remember that manners are the best way to keep a girl interested. By manners, I’m talking about holding the door for her, opening the car door, pulling her chair out so she doesn’t have to, not burping at the table or around her. Let’s not be immature. I hope I have been a little bit more helpful on how to handle those date nights and some great places to check out. It’s like the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”.


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