By: Courtney Harrington

It is really easy for us teenagers to make our parents seem like the bad guys in every “unfair” situation. It’s also typical to feel like our parents are hindering us from who we want to be. Photo courtesy of Kristen Hegel

            Most of you would find it easy to relate when I say parents know how to push the wrong buttons. As we continue to grow up, it is natural for us to want to become more and more independent; for our parents to let go.

            Along with growing up, it seems as if society is also pushing teenagers to act older then they really are. To give parents a break, it is probably very difficult for them to watch their little girl/boy grow up. However, being a senior myself, it feels as if my parents are trying to cram all possible parenting into the next eight months before I go off to college.

            It is really easy for us teenagers to make our parents seem like the bad guys in every “unfair” situation. It’s also typical to feel like our parents are hendering us from who we want to be. However, do you ever stop to wonder why your parents tell you the things they do? Some of us truly believe that our parents are out to make us miserable. Guess what, they are not. Your parents most likely have the best intentions in mind for you, even if you do not agree with what they say.

            The past few months have definitely been rough when it comes to my parents. I am so grateful for my mom and dad though, even when I lack the capability to show it. For all of you seniors who may be having parental problems, have you ever stopped to think if maybe they are not ready for their baby to leave home; to fly away from the nest? I can only imagine how parents must feel to watch their child tackle the home stretch. It has to be painful and emotional.

            Every week, I leave you with a challenge. This week I want you to take a minute out of your day to thank your parents for everything that they have done for you. Whether you chose to acknowledge it or not, your parents have been there for you every day of your life, through thick and thin. I know from experience that it is easy to get in an argument with your parents about things you want to do that they do not approve of. However, I can promise you that they are not just saying the things they tell you out of a cold heart. Your parents love you.

            Seniors, we are on the home stretch. We have less than seven months until graduation and less than nine until we go off to college. Each and every one of our parents is probably dreading the day we have to say goodbye. My special challenge for you guys is to make sure your parents know how much they mean to you. No relationship is perfect. Every child and parent fights, but they have been our backbone for roughly 18 years. When you get a chance, tell them thank you.


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