My precious life

By:  Summer McCrary

I think my life is very precious because I know I was put on this earth for a special reason, to make a huge difference in the world someday. Also I try not to take my life for granted even if I have a disability that made me be in a wheelchair that affects my physical mobility to do things for myself. Therefore I believe I have a good perspective on life already because of my personal situation. So even when I get upset about my disability I am still very, very grateful to be alive even with my handicaps and obstacles in my life.                  

It bothers me a whole lot when I feel like people take so much for granted such as life, family, friends, and pets etc. These are the things people take most for granted. I think people should really take the time to spend time with their loved ones and friends because you never know what could happen.

Being in a wheelchair has made me really think about life and not taking it for granted. People take stuff for granted like going to the bathroom because I need help and I don’t get any privacy. They also take going out because they can break the rules and I can’t go out. Sometimes I wonder how other people would feel being confined to a wheelchair. I think some people would like it more than others, but I know that they would soon wish to be able to walk and run again.  This is why I think my life is very precious and I am grateful to be alive.


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