Late Start

Late start should be added to the Fort Mill School District. Photo courtesy of Haley Bonner

Being a high school student is not as easy as it sounds. We students have a lot on our agendas each week. We have everything from classes for eight hours a day to practices every day after school. Keeping up with all the school work and being involved in the school is hard work and very tiring. We spend 35 hours a week in school for about ten months, working nonstop. Sometimes just a weekend is not enough time to relax and have time to yourself, especially if we are loaded down with homework from every class.

The students at Fort Mill High School are very hard working, and in my opinion we deserve a break every once in a while. Many Rock Hill Schools, such as Northwestern and South Pointe, understand the hard work that students constantly put into school work and have come up with a system to give the student body and staff a little break every once and while. This system is called late start Wednesdays. The purpose of this is to give students the opportunity to sleep in once and while. It also gives students the chance to go into a class and make up their missing work. The way it works is one Wednesday out of each month students go into school at 10:30 instead of 8:30. No classes are missed on the day, each class is just shortened in order to fit them all into the 5 hour day.

I think having a late start day at Fort Mill High School is a great idea, and something that we should seriously consider. I think it would be a great reward, and we students would really appreciate it. I also strongly believe that, if we did this, grades would improve. Students would have more time to finish homework from the night before, study for a big test, or just catch up on their sleep. In many of my classes, students are always falling asleep. However with a late start day, they would have the opportunity to sleep in and wouldn’t be so tired throughout the school day.

With all of the hard work and effort that we put into school work, I think that we deserve a break, and a late start day once a month is a great way to get that break. I think the Fort Mill School District should really consider this for students because I strongly think they would see good results.


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