Is chivalry dead?

By: Kristyn Blackwood

"True love is like a long lost fairytale for ladies today, and all they do is wish for it to happen to them." Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

We’ve all heard the phrase “chivalry is dead for this generation,” but still nobody does anything about it. Love stories do not just happen like they do in the movies, books, or in the past. True love is like a long lost fairytale to ladies today, and all they do is wish for it to happen to them. This creates a generation of boy-crazed teen girls and young women. They go out looking for this action of “chivalry” in every guy who will give them attention.

            Chivalry is when a guy acts like a perfect gentlemen, holding a door for a girl, letting her go first, opening the car door, helping her if she’s struggling, and treating his special one like a princess. Although this sounds easy, it’s apparently hard for almost every teenage guy and young man to do. Young ladies thrive and look for this perfect guy to be their “knight in shining armor,” and they begin to look everywhere and end up in the wrong places, thus finding a terrible, disrespectful boy that pretends to be perfect until he gets what he wants.

            Our world today is so sex-consumed and all about what you feel because that’s all that people see on television, in magazines, newspapers, advertisements and hear on the radio. Today’s entertainment industry puts such a high importance on having sex that guys have completely forgotten how to treat a lady; girls have become obsessed with doing whatever they can to please a guy just to get his temporary affection. Girls say they want that chivalrous guy to come sweep them off their feet, but they’re not willing to wait for him to arrive. They just want to be touched and wanted and will look for any guy that will give them attention.

            It’s not all the media’s fault, though, that guys have lost this value; it’s also a lot of the parents’ fault for not teaching their sons how to treat a lady with decency and respect. Most parents just don’t bring their sons up like that anymore and do not make it a priority. I know that parents don’t want their sons to be jerks and grow up to cheat on every woman he’s ever with, but they don’t tell them that they don’t want them to be like that. Also, a lot of fathers nowadays don’t set a good example for their sons to look up to; so most boys don’t know how to act.

            Ladies: don’t be discouraged if that special someone hasn’t appeared in your life yet because he will when you least expect it. Guys: be a gentlemen, show the ladies how they should be treated and that you have a little home training! Stop looking at all those magazines and advertisements showing you what a woman looks like artificially and go out and find you a real woman that is perfect with every single one of her flaws.


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