Get Involved

By: Logan O’Boyle

Being involved with the school is very important. Photo courtesy of Haley Bonner

Think about your daily routine during the school week. Do you wake up, go to school, and then go back home? Now think about your friends’ daily routines. Most of them probably stay after school for something in which they are involved.  I,for one, stay after school every day for cheerleading practice, and everyday there are always many students walking around the halls after the 3:30 bell. Some stay after to practice their sports, while others stay just for extra help with work they don’t understand. Whatever the reason, Fort Mill High School offers many different clubs, sports, and activities of which the student body can be a part.

 I believe that being involved with your school is very important. Not only does it look good on a college application, but it is always a great way to meet people who are not in your classes or even in your grade. We spend four years of our lives in high school, so why not make it the best it can be.

Sports are a great way to become involved with the school. Fort Mill has a great variety of sports that are offered to the students, so all we have to do is take advantage of them. Playing sports might not be on your list of things to do. However, you should still show your school spirit and come to the games to support the players and teams.

Okay, so maybe sports just aren’t your thing at all. That’s still not an excuse for being uninvolved. Fort Mill High also offers a lot of clubs, many of which welcome new members to each meeting. The types of clubs that are offered at Fort Mill vary from Interact club to Anime club. The plays here at Fort Mill are very well known, and Mr. Dove always encourages new voices to tryout for them. Fort Mill High School does a great job of making sure that there is a club for everyone’s interests. However, most students do not take the time to consider joining a new club.

Fort Mill High School has a little something to offer for everyone. Just think about it; joining a club or team could give you something to do after school other than going home and watching T.V. It could also introduce you to other people you may not have met before. You have nothing to lose, only new things to gain. So get involved.


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