Don’t press stress

By:Austin Hazen

Getting stressed is something that takes time to work on. Photo courtesy by AJ Williford

Everybody at different times in their lives get stressed out in one way or another. There are many different things that can cause stress it may come from having too much work, having kids running around, listening to babies screaming to grading papers.

            If you’re a student, then of course throughout your four years of high school you will become stressed. I know I have many times. Sometimes teachers give us more than we can handle or we have multiple assignments in each class, and it feels like you’re going to explode. The stress from your parents also has an impact on this; many parents want their children to succeed but don’t always know the best way to show this.

            Having a job can also put a lot of stress into your life. At times your boss may ask you to do too much, but you are scared to say no. Therefore, you stress yourself out and overwork yourself. Teachers have a fun but very strenuous job grading and dealing with large classes each day and they most definitely feel stressed at times too.

             When you get stressed, you need to stop what you’re doing and take a breather. Now I’m not saying walk out of your job to go relax, but when you feel over worked or stressed out just stop for a minute and calm down. Things will work out better if you learn to manage multiple tasks while still keeping calm. If you are getting tired of your boyfriend/girlfriend, tell them you need space. You may have a lot going on and just need to step back and give time for yourself.

            Getting stressed is something that takes time to work on. In time you will learn to stay calm and not feel like the world is going to explode just because you will never get all of this work done or all of these papers graded. Just remember to stay calm, and if needed, take time to yourself away from others.


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