Cyber bullying

By: Austin Hazen

Austin talks about how much cyber bullying hurts. Photo courtesy of Lauren Kirby

How many people do you think get bullied sometime during their life? Believe it or not, there are a ton of people that get bullied each day. The most popular way of bullying lately is cyber-bullying. Not only do people get bullied at school and in public, but now kids are bullying via the internet on sites like Facebook and MySpace. Cyber-bullying is when someone invades your privacy or posts something hateful on the internet that affects you in one way or another.

           It’s hard to realize how much being bullied hurts you until you’ve experienced it firsthand. I myself have never been cyber-bullied but have had my fair share of being bullied. It is not fun at all and makes you feel horrible about yourself. Some kids that get bullied take it too heart, and that’s when the real trouble starts. To share with you how crazy this can get just recently Tyler Clementi a student at Rutgers University last words were on Facebook saying “jumping off the gw bridge sorry” with those words spoken he fell to his death. This shows you how dramatic it can get when cyber-bullying takes place.

          Many kids that get bullied feel like they are not wanted or that nobody likes them. This can drive them to suicide. Just recently, there were two children that committed suicide after being cyber-bullied by some kids. Do you really want to be the reason for their death? Being a bully doesn’t make you cooler; I can promise you that. Now it may make you feel strong and powerful, but think about if you were in their shoes and you were the one getting bullied. Looking at it as if you were the one being bullied could possibly change your opinion on being the bully.

          It’s time someone does something about this cyber-bullying because I have a Facebook, and I would hate to get online one day and see some rude and hateful comment about myself. But these kids are scared to report it, and by the time their parents or someone else finds out, it could possibly be too late. It breaks my heart to think someone could even have such a hateful heart to crush someone’s feelings. The thought behind bullying is unimaginable, what do you benefit from bullying?

If you see a comment or something rude being posted on your friend’s or anyone’s page, do the right thing and tell someone. You telling someone could have saved that person’s life. I feel if we have more people that are willing to take the initiative and do the right thing, we could stop some of the suicides and help get these hateful people under control. So, let’s try and educate people to not do this in any way possible.


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