Cut classes

Searching for the reasons for dropped classes, Austin Hazen talked to Mrs. Young to get the facts. Photo courtesy of Molly Lotierzo

By:Austin Hazen

                 Recently, Fort Mill High School and the Fort Mill School District have faced serious budget cuts that have resulted in many upset students, teachers, and parents. These cuts have also resulted in the loss of many classes at the high school. How many of you signed up for a class and weren’t able to get it because it was full or it had been cut? After talking with Mrs. Young, one of our assistant principals, I found out that the reason classes were being cut was because there were not enough students signing up for them.

                  A class has to have a set amount of students in it to actually be available. We have some classes such as chorus and drama that are always filled and have no worries about being cut. Now, some classes were cut, and as an alternative we got classes available to us through Nation Ford High School. Guitar class is one of those classes that were added, but to take it you have to ride the shuttle bus over to Nation Ford High School.

                  This is also the first year that newspaper isn’t going to be a year long class. Few English electives are being offered this year due to a shortage of teachers allocated in the budget. This is a big disappointment to young journalists at Fort Mill High School. A lot of the students are upset about not getting into the class they were told would be available.

                    The main objective for any high school is to make sure that students graduate with the required course experience. In a way, it is the administration’s job not to give students the classes they want, but instead the classes they need to graduate. In my opinion Fort Mill High School  is doing an exceptional job at everything they are doing, including giving us a good working environment, hiring teachers that are great at what they do and working with the needs of each student so they succeed.

                 On the other hand I do not like how classes were cut or the lack of teachers for certain classes to be able to proceed in there teachings. In the end, you should be more focused on passing your academic classes and less on getting frustrated about not getting an elective. That is because your academics scores are what is going to help you get into college and not so much the electives.

  1. Echo de menos algunos de los viejos maestros que se utiliza para trabajar aquí, pero me despidieron. Manera de pensar en eso!

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