Are you in love?

By: Austin Hazen

Austin Hazen shares his personal feelings about the different kinds of love. Photo courtesy of A.J. Williford

                Have you ever truly fallen in love with someone? Is love more than that four letter word? Everyone deserves to feel loved, and I’m not talking about the romantic, moon-light dinner love either. Love is something that everyone should be able to experience no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

          It doesn’t take a lot to show others that you love them. Maybe it’s just a hug, or even a “hi” is all it takes. People want to know that they are acknowledged and don’t feel invisible. Some people don’t know what love is because they get bullied all the time or they have never truly had someone to love and care for them. You don’t have to say “I love you” for someone to feel loved or to get your point across; just express to them that they do matter to you.

           There is another type if that comes with relationships. “Being in love” is different than loving your friend that you’ve known for a couple of years. When you think about it, most people, including you, have been in at least one relationship in your life. The good news is that you will be in a lot more before you die, I’m sure. Just because you found the most amazing girl in 7th grade doesn’t mean you will still be attracted to her in 12th grade. What I’m getting at is there is no reason getting worked up over one girl when both of you don’t like each other anymore because you know what? There are a lot more people in the world that would love to have you.

          Life is way too short to worry about one guy or one girl for the rest of your life. Even in high school, it’s probably best to keep the single status and not try and focus on both at the same time. Make sure your education is more important than the girl/boy you’re dating. As long as you set your priorities right, things will be much simpler.

          Go out and show love to people who you think need it, which is everyone. Don’t just focus on one person; expand your heart and make it grow six sizes too large.  Be the one to make someone feel something they have needed for so long.


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