Taking risks and branching out

Adoption vs. Foster Care

To be or not to be


Getting in the Christmas spirit

The ladies behind the desk

Spread love this holiday season

The Tumblr tantrums



The true meaning of beauty

My precious life

The final chapter

Brighten someone’s day

Did you do your homework?

You only live once

Music makes you lose control


Abuse of power?

How fortunate we are

Clean up your act


Leave it alone

Barriers to learning

Rivalry competition

Making it work

Judge much?

Giving back

Is a dress code really necessary?

Teenage playtime

One decision could make or break you

The healthy relationship image

Competitive halls

Spirit Week mayhem

Who are you?

Good friends or best friends?

Pick your battles

The high school life

Decisions are everything

Homecoming…is it still the same?

Fitting in

Fort Mill football

Is it really the end?

Don’t press stress

New Year’s Resolutions

When to let go


That special someone


The perfect gift

Thinking of others

Christmas Traditions

Double the Trouble

Can your story really fit on one page?

Is chivalry dead?

Why do people get judged?

 How to give back during the holidays

Facebook junkies: it may be time to deactivate

Are you in love?

Not as easy as it sounds

No lie is worth telling

Easy ways to pay for college

Come join the fun

Dress Code

Our nation’s financial situation

Be cool, stay in school

Dress code

Cyber bullying

Feel free to let loose

It’s time to listen

Time managment for teens

Late Start

Smartie or Dum-Dum

Get involved

Can you feel the love?

Good friends

We run this house

Making a difference

A bit of senior advice

Junk food alert

Two-month summer overrated?

Cut classes


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