The art of giving

By:  Hope Wittschen

Everyone has a different image of what the "perfect gift" should look like. Photo courtesy of Google images

The hardest feat of the Holiday season, many would agree, is shopping for the perfect gift. Certain people are hard to shop for, and some people would be happy with anything at all. It seems that no matter how great Black Friday deals are, somewhere along the line frustration sets in when it comes to shopping for that certain someone that either has it all or doesn’t want much more. Depending on the gift recipient, the spending limit may vary.  Regardless of how much money a person is willing to spend, there are a few rules to the gift of giving that can help anyone find the right present.

            No one can ever go wrong buying a gift that has a practical use. Keeping open ears a few weeks before shopping isn’t a bad idea in order to take note of any possible gift hints maybe not necessarily in a material sort of way, but by way of complaints. If someone is always complaining of being too cold now that the temperature nears the single digits, slippers, a home-made blanket or even a Snuggie could be a nice practical gift. It’s always a good idea to give someone something they can use, and the more often the better.

            Another great tactic to use when Christmas shopping is to buy a personal gift or make something. These gifts don’t always require much work, but they do require some thought, and the thoughtfulness put into the present is a gift all in itself. A handmade picture frame displaying a photo of the gift giver and receiver together is an awesome way to gift a memory to a friend. Taking a trip to Art Space Studio in Rivergate is a great place to go to paint ceramics that are each personal and one-of-a-kind. They also have Gift cards available for purchase which is also a quick, easy, and fun gift idea.

Finally, when shopping for a gift, remember to keep in mind the person for whom you are shopping. What do they do? What sports do they play or what teams are their favorite sport teams? Adding special touches such as a bow and wrapping in their favorite color can help make the gift inside the absolutely perfect one.

In the end a gift should show thought, and come from the heart. As long as the person who receives the gift can tell that the gift wasn’t last minute or chosen in bad taste, they’re sure to appreciate the gesture. Loving the gift is just a bonus!


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