Spotlight: Jonathan Miskelly

By: Haley Bonner

The Wresting team at Fort Mill High School has produced a State Champion as a sophomore, Jonathan Miskelly. Photo courtesy of Fort Mill Times

Wrestling at Fort Mill High School is very well respected throughout the state and would not be that way with out the incredible athletes that make it happen. Jonathan Miskelly, a senior at Fort Mill High School, has been wrestling competitively for 10 years.

Miskelly was inspired to become one of the best wrestlers in Fort Mill by his older brother, Robert Miskelly. His brother wrestled under the same head coach, Chris Brock. Now Robert has become a coach on the team as well and watches his brother succeed each and every day.

Miskelly has been given the title All-Region, State Champion and an All-American. Also, he has received the coach’s award for three years straight. This year he is ranked 26 in the nation and first in the state. The weight class that he wrestles in this year is 153.

This young wrestler has been working hard to get another state title this year. “I have learned responsibility and discipline while I have wrestled for Coach Brock,” Miskelly said. He admitted that the hardest thing about wrestling is the constant working out and staying in shape.

In the future, Miskelly plans to go to college and wrestle he is just not sure where yet. His grades are good this year and his big season is just getting started. As you watch the Buzz be sure to look for him as a sports reporter because he is an amazing athlete in himself.

Many people do not know that wrestling is not the only thing Miskelly is known for. He was the first sophomore to ever be on Fort Mill High School’s Under Dog Pound. Now he leads it and is truly a great fan to Fort Mill. Make sure to cheer on Miskelly as he become one of the best wrestlers in the nation.


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