Spotlight: Jenna White

By: Haley Bonner

The girls Fort Mill High School basketball team voted senior, Jenna White, as a captain this year. Photo courtesy of Jenna White

Basketball season is underway at Fort Mill High School, and the girls have a record of 1-3. This record would not be possible without the help of one particular player, Jenna White. This point guard is 18-years-old and moved to Fort Mill from New Jersey seven years ago. Basketball has been White’s life since she was just five years old.

Inspired by her father, John White, this senior is making her last season at Fort Mill High School memorable. Her father played at a junior college until he joined the air force, and his love for the game has made White what she is today.

She has started on varsity since she was a freshman, and knows what it takes to be successful. She has been awarded all-region for two years and was selected for the first team all-area. This is a big year for White as she goes for her 1,000 point. The top scorer for three years straight also has a goal set, to be named all-state this year. As a captain of the team, she would like to see the girls have a winning record and make it to the playoffs for the first time in four years.

The crowd always goes wild when White gets on the court and hits her famous three-point-shot. She is hoping to continue her basketball career in college. “I am not sure where I will be yet, but I do know I am going to play basketball,” White said with a smile on her face.

College should not be a problem for this student-athlete. Her grades are where they need to be with A’s and B’s and two AP classes this year. She is in the top 12 percent of her class and plans to get her doctorate in pre-physical therapy.

White has some big plans ahead, so be sure to come out and support the team and its captain. “Basketball for me is not just about winning a game or losing a game, it is about the emotion throughout the game that I live for,” White said. Congratulate White on her successes already and her success to come.

  1. esto es acerca de mí me encanta mi mejor amigo Haley Bonner

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