Spotlight: Dee Christopher

By: Haley Bonner

The principal at Fort Mill High School is working hard and always excited to watch his students succeed. Photo courtesy of Hannah Kate Christopher

Normally in this column, a student is selected that is succeeding in what he or she does. This time is different. We would like to give praise to the Principal of Fort Mill High School, Dee Christopher. He will be going on his fifth year here and has helped FMHS become one of the most respected high schools in South Carolina. To become the principal, Christopher got his bachelors degree at Furman, his master’s degree at the Citadel and plans to get his PhD at the University of South Carolina.

Before he ended up at Fort Mill, he was the Principal of Lugoff-Elgin High School for four years and the Assistant Principal for Fort Dorchester, as well as Summerville High School. Christopher was also a teacher for nine years, who taught US History and World History. The voice that we hear every morning for the announcements is Christopher’s, who was an active coach when he was a teacher. He coached baseball, basketball, girls track, football and wrestling.

So what inspired Mr. Christopher to become a principal? “My father was my principal growing up,” he said with a smile on. He has been married for 16 years and has three kids. Hannah Kate is 15 and is a sophomore at Fort Mill High School, while Meredith and Cabe go to other schools in the district. Christopher also listed his top three priorities in his life right now: faith, family and being principal.

There is one thing that truly stands out for the advantages of being principal, and that is watching students succeed each and every year. The famous principal, Dee Christopher, will always be a huge part of what Fort Mill High School is known for, school pride. So the next time you are doing the chant “We are…Fort Mill” with this coach, teacher, principal and friend, remember all he has done for this school.


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