Spotlight: Clark Jebo

By: Haley Bonner

All musicals at Fort Mill High School are great and Clark Jebo is just one of the many talented performers. Photo courtesy of Clark Jebo

The musicals at Fort Mill High School are always fantastic, but who is involved in them? This November, White Christmas is coming to Fort Mill and one of the main lead actors is Clark Jebo. Jebo is 17-years-old and has lived here for 13 years. His family moved from Washington State when he was only four years old.

Singing and acting started being a part of his life at a very young age, and he has loved it ever since. His brother, Cameron Jebo, actually influenced Jebo to get involved in acting, but now he loves both singing and acting equally. “When it comes to performing, I love hearing the reaction of the crowd after a show and knowing that they had a good time that night,” Jebo said, when asked about his favorite part of performing.

White Christmas will be Jebo’s first production with a lead role. He has been in every musical since Peter Pan, and he has also participated in the drama department’s plays like I Bet Your Life. One of the musicals Jebo was a part of was Grease and he had the role of Kenickie.

Throughout high school, Jebo would like to prepare himself for a career in acting. Also, he would like to show people what the Art Department at Fort Mill High School can do. He just wants to give fans the best show possible. Jebo’s grades are decent, which will be crucial for the college he would like to attend. He would like to audition for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Las Angeles. If he gets in, he plans to stay there and make a career for himself as an actor.

To see this actor in action, make sure to come to the performances of White Christmas from November 11 through the 16. “Everyone needs to come see us because we work really hard doing these shows,” Jebo said.


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