Spotlight: Andrew Krieger

By: Haley Bonner

At Fort Mill High School, the most well respected extracurricular activity is the band. There have been over 20 State Championships in Fort Mill’s history, but who is behind their success? Andrew Krieger, a senior, has helped the high school band become so successful. Krieger is a17-year-old and has had all of his schooling in the Fort Mill School District.

This musician started playing in middle school in the sixth grade, and ever since then he has been a part of the All-State Band. He has been crowned a State Champion and has been a member of the Honor Band of America.

Krieger does both seasons for the band. During concert season, he plays the oboe, and during the marching season he plays the snare in the drum line. Concert season is just starting up and is Krieger’s favorite. “Concert season has awesome music that I really enjoy playing,” the musician said.

He expressed that one thing he will take out of playing for Fort Mill High School is work ethic. “You learn to love to work when you’re in band,” Krieger said. This senior also really enjoys getting to interact with the other members of the band, teaching the younger students and watching the band progress.

Krieger’s grades are good, and he plans to go to the University of South Carolina. Devoted to music, he plans to study music education on a scholarship. His oboe teacher works at USC and wanted this musician to be a part of the program. With that major, Krieger will have to do three semesters of the marching band.

Band will always be respected at Fort Mill High School, and Krieger is just one of the many exceptional band members that make our band so great. Congratulate him on his success and his future at USC.

  1. atricle grande, él es un chico dulce.

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