Spotlight: Abbie Lewis

By: Haley Bonner

            Ever want to make a difference, whether it is at school, in the community, or just at home? Well, Fort Mill’s very own senior, Abbie Lewis, has begun doing that on a regular basis. She is the student body president, an athlete, an outstanding student, and much more.

 Lewis is 17 years old and has lived in the same house in Tega Cay her whole life. She loves how Fort Mill is a close knit town, but is not against moving away and starting somewhere else. As if she wasn’t busy enough with all her clubs, sports, and academics, Lewis organized a Food Drive for the city of Tega Cay over the summer. Her hard work brought in about 3,500 pounds of food which is more than the care center saw all season.

With a hard schedule academically, Lewis still manages to find time for two sports, Student Council, Youth and Government, Beta club, Interact club, volunteer work at the Humane Society, and youth group at her church. “My goal for my senior year is to get into the college of my choice and make some great high school memories that I can look back on,” Lewis said. She strongly believes in being a well-rounded student with academics, athletics, and involvement within the school.

In the future, Lewis’s career choice is an orthopedist, which is a bone doctor, and her focus in high school has been the sciences and sports medicine. The University of Pennsylvania or Vanderbilt are the two schools that she would love to attend, and four AP classes might just be her ticket in.

Lewis is just another girl from Fort Mill, but she works hard, challenges herself, and knows where she wants to go. Not only is Fort Mill High School proud to have her, but the town is too. We congratulate her on her success with the food drive and wish her luck in the future.

Abbie Lewis at the food drive.

The city of Tega Cay raised 3,265 pounds of food with Abbie Lewis's help. Photo courtesy of Abbie Lewis


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