Going green: Recycling

By: Sara Allen

One of the most well-known symbols is the recycling triangle. Photo courtesy of Google images

One of the easiest and most well-known ways to help the environment is to recycle. Most of us have been taught this practice since elementary school. Teenagers recognize recycling as the blue bins in every classroom at school or the “little green triangle thing” on posters in the hallways.

Recycling helps to reuse materials that would end up in landfills. Plastic bottles, for instance, stay in landfills for 50 to 80 years before decomposing. By putting plastic bottles in the recycling bin instead of the trash can, the plastic can be reused to make other plastic bottles. The cycle of reusing the plastic keeps the bottles from spending decades in landfills.

Paper products can be recycled to make more paper products. School supplies is are great example of this. Many stores sell notebooks made of recycled products. Some elementary schools use recycled tires as the material under their jungle gyms.

One thing all schools have in common is the blue and green bins to recycle bottles and paper. At Fort Mill High School, the Environmental Science classes collect the recycling every week. In the community, recycling is picked up every week.

There are some restrictions on things that can be recycled. Only certain cardboard products are recyclable. Any box that holds food that is stored in the freezer cannot be recycled. The reason behind this is that the chemicals keeping the food from becoming freezer burned also keep the box from decomposing. If these boxes are in the pile with other recyclable cardboard products, the entire pile is contaminated.

With all of the ways to recycle, take the example your school sets and start recycling at home. Start buying recycled school supplies when school starts. Like the song you were taught in elementary school, recycling begins with you and me.

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