Going green: How teens can help

By: Sara Allen

Simply recycling your bottles, cans and paper products can help the enviroment without costing any money. Photo courtesy of Google images

The teens and kids of today are going to be affected by all the environmental problems that may seem small now on a much bigger scale later on in life. Going green today can help in the long run for everyone’s future.

When people hear “go green,” most of them believe the only way to do that is to solar panel their house or buy hybrid cars, which is very expensive. There is no way a teenager can afford to do these things when they make minimum wage. Here are some ways teens can go green to help the environment.

Think about how many hours you spend on Facebook, youtube or other websites. Do you always remember to turn the computer off after you finish using it? By turning your computer off when it is not in use, you save close to $90 a year on electricity costs. How many times do you buy new clothes when you have outfits that you have never worn still hanging in your closet? Instead of buying new clothes every time you shop, hit up the local thrift store, buy older clothes and call it retro. At school, think about how many cars fill up the parking lot. Out of those, how many people drive by themselves? Try carpooling with friends or even catching the school bus. Fewer cars on the road mean less pollution in the air.

When you leave a room, turn the lights off if no one is still in the there. Turning off the lights saves power and money. Volunteer to pick up litter in the community. Not only are you helping the environment, but it also looks good on college applications. Pick one or two days a week to eat vegetarian style. The meat industry is one of the major contributors to killing the environment. To produce one pound of beef, it takes almost five pounds of grain. The more the cattle eat, the less grain there is for other needs. Instead of buying a bottled drink from the vending machine every day, refill the same one for a few days. Better yet, buy a reusable water bottle that you don’t mind carrying around.

Even music stars are going green. KT Tunstall, John Mayer, Kanye West and the Dave Matthews Band are just a few. They tour on buses that run using biodiesel fuel; and they recycle all the waste from their concerts. You can legally download their albums from the internet. This saves cost, fuel and packaging that it takes to ship the albums to stores. Organic clothes and foods are very “in” right now. Many places, even Walmart, carry the popular items such as organic cotton t-shirts and organic coffee.

Make the decision to go green now instead of later. Encourage your friends, family and class mates to make the change as well. This is our planet and it is up to us to keep it clean; so make the switch and go green.

  1. Me esforzaré al máximo para hacer lo mejor que puedo para salvar el medio ambiente! Me encanta la tierra, y creo que todos deben ayudar en especial en su comunidad.

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