Going green: Green gift ideas

By:  Sara Allen

           One of the first things that crosses people’s minds once Black Friday hits is what to get friends and family for Christmas. There is a way to stay green while still giving people great gifts.

            Most people these days drink coffee. A reusable travel coffee mug would be a perfect gift. Instead of going through the drive through at Starbucks every morning on the way to school or work, you can brew your own coffee at home and take it with you in the travel mug. This keeps all those Starbucks coffee cups from ending up in the trash and then a landfill. The average amount of time a Styrofoam coffee cup remains in a landfill is 500 years.

            A reusable lunch bag makes a great gift for kids in school as well as adults that take their lunches to work. Paper lunch bags, as well as plastic grocery bags, are a common sight in school cafeterias and workplaces. Using a reusable lunch bag saves the trees that are cut down to make the paper bags, and keeps the non-biodegradable plastic bags out of the trash. Reusable lunch bags come in stylish designs and are carried in many stores.

            Everyone knows it’s better to give than to receive. Based on that principle, a great gift for a someone who is really into going green would be a donation in that person’s name to a non-profit eco-friendly organization. Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Zero Waste America! and Earth Save are just a few of the many organization that could use a donation. For a list of non-profit eco-friendly organizations with links to find out what each group does, visit

            The holiday season is a time for giving, so give a green gift this year. Who knows? One green gift now could influence others to follow your example and make the green choice.


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