Fashion: Ultimate fall 2011 shoe shopping guide

By: Tinsley Tullos

Every Fall, one feels as though it is completely necessary to buy a new wardrobe. Could it be because of the fact that every year since the dawn of preschool, our parents have instilled in us the idea of back-to-school shopping? Could it be a sense of survival mode and hibernation for the cold weather ahead? These ideas seem quite logical, and therefore inspire me to add just a few key pieces to my everyday collection.  My favorite beginning category: shoes.

If one is interested in classic trends that will last her more than a season’s time, then one might choose a stacked heel. Photo courtesy of Google images

As the heavy influence of menswear reigns high in this season’s list of trends, shoes remain stamped by this influence. Performing such a classic spin to a typical male’s loafer is the heeled loafer. While the style of the shoe continues to represent masculinity, the pump of the heel offers a feminine shape. These shoes provide versatility in their ability to be dressed up or dressed down. Heeled loafers appear at DSW, J.C. Penny and H&M.

Boots are always a popular fall choice, but this season is all about the wedged ankle boot. The style possibilities are endless as all are sure to find their best suited pair. Show these booties off tucked into a pair of jeans or with a skirt or dress to make a fashion statement. Want to step up the trend? Look for wedged ankle boots with laces or embellishments.

Flats are called flats for a reason; they lack flavor. However, flats are introduced to this season with flair. Try them in the now must-have fabric: suede. This killer soft fabric will carry  into the Winter season as well. It is irrelevant whether one chooses to buy either a faux or authentic suede pair because whatever the case, one will have a luxe and comfortable pair of shoes. The colors range from navy blue to neon purple and show off trimmings such as bows, flowered knots and jewels.

If one is interested in classic trends that will last her more than a season’s time, then one might choose a stacked heel. Stacked heels give the illusions of dozens of tiny layered strips of wood, like the name suggests. This style comes in every stacked-heel equivalent possible, whether those are cowboy boots, ankle boots, wedges or pumps. These heels are perfect for those who are not a seasoned professional at walking in heels, as they offer a bit of a chunkier heel. Stacked heels may be found just about anywhere, including Wet Seal, Old Navy and L.L. Bean.

Leopard is one of the easier prints that come along with every season, but is further glorified for the Fall 2011 season. Stand out in a season of boldly hued shoes with a leopard print. This print serves as special add-on to a simple everyday outfit. One may find them in a heeled loafer at the store Delia’s, and in a wedged boot at Forever 21.

One must take these “shoe must-haves” into consideration while shopping for the up and coming Fall season. Include them in the Fall wardrobe’s survival mode preparations. These shoes will take little effort to find as trends can be found most anywhere. Keep in mind the five styles listed and the key places to locate them. No matter what one’s style, one may identify with a pair of shoes all her own with the trends listed above.


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