Fashion: Trends are for the tasteless

By: Tinsley Tullos

            For those who do not have a fashion sense that is perhaps, coming of age, trends are the ultimate survival mode.  Not sure how to wear that new shirt? Look to the right. Not sure how to fix that rat’s nest called hair? Look to the left. Oh how it is so easy to imitate the style of our surroundings, but please let us not.

Whoever thought that plucking feathers from a peacock and then mysteriously entwining them into one's hair, is innovative, is wrong. Photo courtesy of Google images

            In some way, shape or form acceptance is at some point, one’s main wish. To achieve this acceptance, imitation is upheld. Although acceptance should never be a top concern, there is a right way of achieving it. That way shall not be artificial nor in a state of trendiness. Whoever said that plucking feathers from a peacock and then mysteriously entwining them into one’s hair, is innovative, is wrong. Sure those feathers looked nice the first time, but not after the 1000th time. The same goes for Sperry’s Top Siders, in other words, boat shoes. Sadly enough, the people wearing these shoes typically are not on a boat.  I will leave it at that.

            The problem with trends is the lack of satisfaction. A person may see something they want at a certain matter of time, whether that is on another human being, mannequin or television. That person ponders on how to obtain or sport that object but assumes no reliable conclusion. What do they do? They look for inspiration. And what do they do with that inspiration? They duplicate it. If someone has come up with an idea more creative than the person next to him/her than more than one duplicate is not necessary. By taking the exact idea of another, not only is one less unique, but the one taken from is too.

            We have all been put on this Earth for a purpose different than any other. It shall not be wasted on the art of mocking through the various trends of society. We have the potential to achieve anything in life if our brains can be put to the test of creating unknown environments.     Trends are subjective and typically appeal to specific regions only. What is considered cool in one high school is considered repulsive in another. Let me be brief in saying that this will get one nowhere in the professional world. With this idea in place, why base one’s self off of the opinion of others? This question may forever remain a mystery.


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